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Design Download #1

I’m a huge Tim Ferris fan–he’s a productivity expert and “human guinea pig” who deconstructs some of the world’s most complicated subjects and tasks so that laymen can accomplish miracles. Anyway, every Friday he sends a little list of the things he’s reading, listening to, etc. I want to start doing the same thing (with a focus on design), so here is the first Design Download!

Quote I’m pondering: “What hinders us most of all is that we are too readily satisfied with ourselves.” Seneca

Purchase I’m loving: Anker Lumos E2 LED Desk Lamp. I had to replace my desk lamp last week, and I found this highly-customizable, dimmable, multi-hue light right up my alley. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but for someone who writes, draws, eats, and does basically everything else at my desk, it’s been a clear improvement over my past lamp. Not to mention, it clamps onto the side or back of your desk, so there’s no clunky base taking up space.

What I’m looking at: Graphéine published a little collection of famous posters and works of art being torn apart by typical “client comments.” If you’ve ever gotten frustrating critiques on your work, this series will make you laugh (and perhaps cry a little bit). Here’s an example from the post:

What I’m listening to: I love really long songs. I find them easy to work to. The song I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past few days is called Crocodile Go To Sleep, by Camel Power Club. It’s pretty hard to find online, but it’s on Spotify:


  1. Looking forward to learning about typography. I am happy to have this access.

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