Design Download

Design Download #2

November was quite the month! Here’s the second Design Download, a list of the things that have been on my mind:

Quote I’m pondering: “Graphic design […] is not good design if it does not co-operate as an instrument in the service of communication.” Paul Rand

Purchase I’m loving: Size-Specific Adjustments to Type Designs This book is highly technical, which means it’s a bit dry. But it’s incredibly interesting. As the title suggests, the book breaks down and examines how type designs change based on the size of the type. Spoiler: designs for small sizes are generally bolder and lack the finer details of their larger counterparts.

What I’m looking at: Vasjen Katro is an Albanian designer who took on the challenge of designing one poster every day for a year. Some of his designs are truly inspiring. Check them out!

What I’m listening to: Two Door Cinema Club is an Irish synth pop band whose songs you’ve probably heard at some point. Their latest album, Gameshow, is a giant homage to 80s music, and I love it. Their song “Lavender” has been stuck in my head for days.

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