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Design Download #3

Hello, 2017!

Quote I’m pondering: “For the man of today there exists only the equilibrium between nature and spirit. At every moment of the past all variations of the old were “new”—but they were not “THE” new. We must never forget that we are now at a turning-point of civilization, at the end of everything old. This parting of ways is absolute and final. ” — Piet Mondrain

Purchase I’m loving: Combination of Blue Yeti USB microphone and Logitech HD c920 webcam. I’ve started working on an Introduction to Typography video course for you all, and these two pieces of equipment have made it so much better. 1080p resolution video and very, very high quality audio should help make the course a pleasure to watch (and listen to!).

What I’m looking at: “High Yield, Future Tense” is a finance book. Yes, a finance book. Designed by one of the world’s best design groups—Pentagram—it’s one hell of a specimen. See for yourself.


Runner up: “La La Land” is a musical about a young jazz musician (Ryan Gosling) and a young actress (Emma Stone) who have to balance their pursuits of success with their love for each other. I’m not a musical fan, per se, but this movie really hits home.

What I’m listening to: Life is Full of Possibilities by Dntel. It’s an older album (2001), but don’t let that fool you—it’s as fresh as anything released today. Two standout tracks for me are Umbrella and (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan. Give them a listen.


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