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Design Download #4

Quote I’m pondering: “He who needs riches least, enjoys riches most. ” — Epicurus

Purchase I’m loving: It’s not the best planner I can imagine, but—since it’s my first, and it’s working—I really can’t complain about this purchase. The Leuchtturm1917 Daily Planner is well constructed, understated, and useful. It’s honestly been a major factor in my productiveness so far in 2017.

What I’m looking at: Color Works is a colorful book about color by Eddie Opara, a partner at Pentagram. I purchased my copy about a year ago after seeing Eddie speak in Washington, D.C. Afterwards, I waited for the rest of the crowd to dissipate before approaching. He signed my copy, and—at request—drew the first thing he remembered thinking was well-designed: a Lego block.

Color works is very theoretical—it explains how and when to use color, how color can affect mood, and so on. It makes good use of examples and case studies, with many guest opinions and anecdotes. My other favorite book on color, Interaction of Color by Josef Albers, is far more practical about the use of color, but leaves much to be desired. The pair, I think, covers pretty much everything.

What I’m listening to: Do You Remember (Noah Breakfast Remix) by Jarryd James is both exciting and emotional, with haunting lyrics and a building, downtempo beat that’s a joy to listen to. To hear the lyrics better (and if you’re not looking for electronic music), the original song is damn good.


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