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Design Download #5

Quote I’m pondering: “Losers have goals and winners have systems.” — Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert

Purchase I’m loving: I bought this a while ago, but my 25-inch, ultra-wide LG monitor is pretty great. It’s not top-of-the-line, but for the price, the extra real estate has made creating videos so much easier. (Speaking of videos, check out the free Type & Color video course!)

What I’m looking at: Netflix has a new documentary series out, and it’s all about design. Abstract looks at a different sub-industry of, by following a particular designer for what feels like a day, but is clearly several weeks. I haven’t finished the series (pacing is key!) but the first episode alone was enough for me to be hooked. Every designer should check it out.

What I’m listening to: Migration is Bonobo’s latest album. To be honest, I only found it today. It’s a fantastic relaxing work playlist (you know, for those Sunday evenings when you’re writing blog posts at 10:30.)

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