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Design Download #6

Quote I’m pondering: “Take away the complaint, ‘I have been harmed,’ and the harm is taken away.” — Marcus Aurelius

Purchase I’m loving: This isn’t a product, but a subscription—I have grown to really appreciate my Planet Fitness membership. Beyond going to the gym twice a week—which is nice and all—Planet Fitness has proved an invaluable travel-hack. I recently took an impromptu road trip to Denver to see an Odesza concert at Red Rocks, then up to Chicago to see a friend, and Planet Fitness showers and massages made it possible.

What I’m looking at: My best friend Román Maksimov is an incredible photographer. Recently, while in Florida, he gave me the full portraiture experience, and it’s not one I shall soon forget. For months, I’ve found myself looking at all his photographs for their acute realism and personality. See some of his work here.

Román Maksimov portrait of Gloria Reilly

What I’m listening to: Another album that’s not new, The Magic Position by South-Londoner Patrick Wolf. My highlights from the 2005 album include four of the first five songs: Overture, The Magic Position, Accident & Emergency, and Bluebells.

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