7 Deadly Sins of Typography

Designers say all the time “I wish my work had better typography.” I hear it all the time.

Download the 7 Deadly Sins of Typography and take the first step towards better design. This super short, free PDF will walk you through the basics of type.

This little PDF will show you the top things to avoid when setting type in your designs. The tips include:

  • Don’t let your title bully your body
  • Choose an appropriate type size
  • Contrast only when needed
  • And four more tips.

How I raised my freelance rate 1190% using typography

Lucas CzarneckiMay 9th, 2016

What’s the difference between a $500 contract and a $5,900 contract?


Want to land the job? Done.
Want to increase your rates and make more money? Easy.
Want to get more referrals and clients? No problem.

You’d be surprised how far a little extra design can take you. When I was in college, I freelanced on the side, earning a little extra cash to buy books and clothes (I clearly had my priorities in order.)

When I started, I charged $10.50 per hour. I had little experience and wanted to make more than minimum wage. Everything about my interactions was second-rate. My resume looked awful, my invoices used templates, and my proposals were ugly.

After about a year and a half, I realized that the only thing keeping me from charging more was the perceived value I offered potential clients.

They saw me as an amateur because all my materials were amateurish.

Old Branding Materials without TypographyThat’s when I revamped my brand with a focus on typography. I created a visual identity (with no logo) that unified my resume, business card, proposals, invoices, website, clothes, and even my car.

I appeared unified, put-together, and professional.

New Branding Materials with TypographyThis small change let me raise my rates well above $100.

How did I get there?

Step 1: Read books and books and books on marketing and branding.
Step 2: Read books and books and books on typography.
Step 3: Pick the typographic features that define my brand.
Step 4: ????? (Pitch to clients; the same as before.)
Step 5: PROFIT

There’s plenty of good information out there on marketing, but typography? Not so much.

That’s why Type365 is here: we go through all the dense materials and pull out the little tips that make the big differences.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Typography is a beginners guide to the basics of type. It’ll take you a few minutes to read, but it could help you make a lot more money. (And be a better designer.)

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