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How I raised my freelance rate 1190% using typography

Lucas Czarnecki • May 9th, 2016

What’s the difference between a $500 contract and a $5,900 contract? Typography.

Increase your rates and make more money? Easy.

Get more referrals and clients? No problem.

Convert more visitors into customers? Done.

You’d be surprised how far a little extra design can take you. When I was in college, I freelanced on the side, earning a little extra cash to buy books and clothes. (I clearly had my priorities in order.)

When I started, I charged $10.50 per hour. I had little experience and wanted to make more than minimum wage. Everything about my interactions was second-rate. My resume looked awful, my invoices used templates, and my proposals were ugly.

After about a year and a half, I realized that the only thing keeping me from charging more was the perceived value I offered potential clients.

They saw me as an amateur because all my materials were amateurish.

Old Branding Materials without TypographyThat’s when I revamped my brand with a focus on typography. I created a visual identity (with no logo) that unified my resume, business card, proposals, invoices, website, clothes, and even my car.

I appeared unified, put-together, and professional.

New Branding Materials with TypographyThis small change let me raise my rates well above $100.

How did I get there?

Step 1: Read books and books and books on marketing and branding.
Step 2: Read books and books and books on typography.
Step 3: Pick the typographic features that define my brand.
Step 4: Pitch to clients; the same as before.
Step 5: PROFIT

There’s plenty of good information online about marketing, but typography? Not so much.

That’s why I started Type365.

As I learn more about typography, I write detailed, easy-to-digest guides for you. To get those guides, join the Type Club for free and I’ll email them to you. I’ll also send you Type365’s best all-time ebooks:

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  • 9 of the Best Fonts You Already Have: How to pick a good font
  • What the hell is kerning? :  How to kern like a professional

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