Tip #2: Centering is Lazy

It’s easy to make something look okay by centering it. But, I warn you, it will almost never get past okay—it will almost never be good.

Tip #1: Don’t use Arial…

Or Comic Sans… Or Papyrus… Or Times New Roman. It’s not that they’re inherently bad—it’s that they denote apathy.

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Axial Layouts

I want to dive into Axial designs—they’re weird, but not THAT weird. Axial designs are right in the middle of the weirdness spectrum. Some of the systems we’ll talk about are really strange—radial, dilational, transitional—and some are pretty normal—grid, bilateral, …

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Design a Dope Resume

Alright, you have a resume, and chances are it looks pretty bad. That’s okay—I don’t blame you—it’s likely you used a template you found online. And who could blame you? You’re not a designer… Well, that’s going out the window …