Student Design Gallery Pt. 2

In my last post, I told you about my UVa course, Typography and Graphic design. It was a semester-long, pass/fail, 2 credit class; we covered typographic anatomy, principles of design, Gestalt, layout systems, and more It was a rough cut, as I expect all courses are the first time they’re offered. Nonetheless, my students produced truly impressive work, and I wanted to show that off.

To get people to actually come, I made a flyer (to learn more about the thought process behind the flyer, check out this post):

Student Design Gallery

When designing the guide for the gallery–all good galleries have a guide–I wanted to keep the same visuals: black and white waves, red triangles, Akzidenz-Grotesk headers and More Pro body.

I wanted the guide to be informative, too. So I included some short descriptions of design anatomy: color, type, layout, etc. and a map of OpenGrounds, with the projects labeled. Here’s what it looked like:




The guests really enjoyed the guide–it helped them talk about design in a way that they weren’t used to. The students who came, too, had a nice time explaining their work and looking at their classmates’ work.



Take a look at some of my students’ amazing work:


Mike Breger


Shelbey Keegan


Alexandra Fillip

Erin Dryer

Erin Dryer


Jade Kim & Nik Samaras


Katherine Chan

It was a great semester, and I hope to teach the course again. I’m thinking of posting the lesson plans & materials on here, too. Thanks for reading.

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