Tip #20: It’s all about color and type

Every mobile platform has its own style guide with preferred ways to create common user interface elements, so how do you stand out?

The two main ways: Color and type.

A millions apps and websites use blue and green and red—try something new. Purple, brown, orange, yellow (actually, be careful with yellow.)

The built-in fonts are good—honestly, some of them are great (Avenir, looking at you), but many fail to impress. I mean, how often can we see Helvetica without clawing out our eyes? If you’re working on a website or web app, try something from TypeKit, GoogleFonts, or Fonts.com. If you’re working on a native app, find a good font, buy the proper license, and load that in with your app.

It’ll cost you, but standing out will probably be worth it.

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