42—Create story with layout

Layout is a powerful tool to create intrigue and guide the eye over time. There aren’t hard-and-fast rules here; every composition is an experiment. Here are examples of some pretty successful ones:

This poster by Josef Müller-Brockmann (the best poster designer of all time) is a lovely example of how to create focus, then lead the reader on a journey.

Here’s an outdated version of my resume. See how I used layered rectangles to lead the eye?



  1. i went to your “how to make a dope resume” workshop at hackcville and i remember this layout of your resume! totally still sticks in my memory and i tried to create a story with my resume layout! thank you so much for these tips

    1. Author

      I’d love to see your resume! And I hope you liked that class. Maybe I’ll write an eBook on the topic.

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