Type & Color – Free Video Course

Most of Type365 is dedicated to—you guessed it!—type. If you want to become a great designer, though, you can’t live in black and white.

It goes without saying: color plays a massive role in our lives. It’s emotional in a deep way that is hard to place. Every time you see a color, you subconsciously remember every other time you’ve seen that color. You make snap judgements about what it means, what it’s trying to tell you, and whether or not you trust its message.

[Tweet “Designers need to be as skilled with color as they are with type.”]

To help you get there, I’ve put together Type & Color.

Type & Color Details

  • 1. Introduction & Color Rules

    Learn the basic rules of using color. Get a rundown on contrast, color systems, and more.

  • 2. Build Branding

    How to navigate type and color choices when building a strong brand from scratch.

  • 3. Create Emphasis

    How to combine color with your everyday typography to create better hierarchy.

  • 4. Evoke Emotion

    How to link your designs to desired emotions using color and type.

  • Free

  • Four Lessons

  • 24 Minutes


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